An architect graduate from the University Santa Ursula, Alexandre Gedeon has experience from large agencies such as GAA and RioUrbe. In 2006 he founded the agency Intown Arquitetura with Hugo Schwartz.
Alexandre Gedeon is a specialist in Interior Design, intrigued by the conceptualisation of space and the sophistication of surfaces and has an absolute commitment to elevating each project to the highest level of quality, luxury and distinction.
With a primary focus on the personalities of his clients, he designs unique interiors to reflect every detail of their lifestyle. Each projects is conceived with a special focus on functionality and comfort and he never compromises on his obsession to detail and the final touches.

After graduating in architecture and urbanist studies from the Universidade Santa Úrsula, Hugo Schwartz developed his skills while working with acclaimed Brazilian architecture agencies. Notably, he worked for the famous architects Claudio Bernardes and Sergio Gattoss.
Hugo Schwartz’s architecture is simultaneously simple and complex. His work expresses a great passion for heavy lines and structures maintaining an intricate attention to detail. He is acclaimed for his technique, his receptivity to the very essence of materials and his conception of architecture as a means of subtle and coherent integration of structures into a pre-existing environment.

From one project to the next, this Schwartz demonstrates his versatility through the way he shapes and crafts functional living spaces.